I bought my Morris in Byfleet, Surrey (near where I ended up living 16 years later!) in December, 1976 for £462 (about $700 then). Drove it all over England and Europe and shipped it to Hollywood. In '86 I restored it and painted it red, then shipped it back to England for a year in 1987, then shipped it back, then shipped it back to the UK again in 1991, drove it all over for 9 years, put a 1300 MG Midget engine in it, which doubled the horsepower, and put telescopic shocks all around, sway bar, etc. The thing flies, now, and handles like a sports car. I bought it with 58,000 on the clock, and it's now at 250,000. It now is awaiting money so I can do all the cosmetics....the welding has been done, it just needs paint, upholstery, and a new top.

Ahhhh...little Moggy! Can you believe that the convertible was same price as the sedan???

Morris and Maureen in Hertfordshire, 1987

Me and my constant companion on the Windemere ferry in the Lake district, 1999.

One of my favorite pubs in England...the Drunken Duck, Hawkshead, in the beautiful Lake district.
The pub got its name when in the late 19th century the landlady found her pet ducks lying comatose, thinking they were dead. Not to let the terrible opportunity go to waste, she began to pluck one of the ducks in preparation for roasting when the duck woke up and quacked loudly! What had happened was that one of the beer barrels in the cellar had burst, the ducks got in and all got sozzled to the gills!


Wrynose Pass, Lake District 1976


1994, Dorking, Surrey. Moggy resting while Alex prepares to break his neck.

This car gets more smiles from the girls than a Ferrari...and with the wheel on the right side, cruising Sunset Strip and Rodeo Drive is a real treat!

finger here, please...