BG 029


14" x 24" 1966


This wonderful poster symbolized (and still does) the whole poster phenomenon happening in San Francisco in late '66. This is THE image everyone around the world recognizes more than any other that captures the essence of that era.

Bill Graham coined the phrase, "The San Francisco Sound," which immediately became The Sound.

The colors vibrate perfectly (the lettering and background are much more difficult to make out on the poster because they are moving against each other constantly.

This poster is extremely rare (the Fillmore website sells a black and white version for $670.00), and a lynchpin graphic image of the period.

A VERY important piece.

This poster was up in the hallway of Funky Features, then in the entryway of my flat in Barnes, London until 1974. Also displayed in my apartment above the Hollywood Bowl in the late 70's, then in the house I lived in where Richie Valens recorded Come On, Let's Go, Donna, and La Bamba. It was put in plan drawers in 1988 and has been there ever since. I love this poster.


A bit wrinkly top and bottom, but that can be eliminated by mounting it well. Staple holes in the corners, otherwise in excellent condition.