BG 110



14" x 21" 1968


What a band...what a poster...what a logo! Stanley Mouse really pulled one out when he designed this powerful and memorable, just like the band. The horizontal streak on the left is in the printing plate, or, most likely, on the it's a built-in flaw that's part of the image.

This would be the last time anyone on the west coast would see Cream, the most incredible combination of rock musician's ever. Period.

I remember when Cream first played the Fillmore in '67 (I don't have those posters, I gave them to Ginger)...Jack and I went every night for the two week engagement. We had never seen anything like what was on stage: double and treble stacks of Marshall's for Eric and Jack, and that amazing double bass drum Ludwig kit of Ginger's with cymbals on top of cymbals. These guys were ready to kill, and I couldn't wait to hear them live.

The San Francisco bands were using little Fender Twins and the odd Kustom plastic-sparkle-upholstery-Tijuana-rolled-and-pleated cushioned jobs on wheels (whoever came up with THAT idea????).

No one had ever seen anything like it. This was the Big League...these guys were The Pros, and they were going to give it to us.

Eric shyly walked out on stage from the left, dressed all in white: bell-bottom shirt and tight bell-bottom trousers. He had masses of curly locks tumbling down his neck. Styyyy-lish! He looked like a god. The audience went wild with applause and screams and he faltered, looked back towards Ginger and Jack who were just about to make their appearance as if to say, "Wow! Can you believe THIS!?"

They were indescribable...and blew everyone there away. Jack and I got guitars and drums the very next day, and two weeks later I had my own band, named by Susan, Jack's wife, "Too Much Too Soon."

We were a legend (in my own mind).


This classic poster has staple holes in the corners, otherwise perfect.