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I think this is one of the greats...probably because it is so goofy and out there. I love Griffin's sense of humor. The Alien is holding a pill that says: "Pay Attention."

Until these guys started doing these nuts posters, no one had ever SEEN colors used in this saturated and confident way in printing. These were the VERY FIRST images of their kind, and really knocked people out when they saw them.

Everyone I knew had their homes decorated with these fantastic works of art.

This one was up in the kitchen alcove at Funky Features...and a favorite of us all. What it has seen....

Staple holes, perfect condition.


One thing this poster witnessed (related in my book, "The Loop") was during a party we had with several Haight-Ashbury movers and shakers, a whacko friend of Jack's named Ross showed up and was given the task of serving the guests. Ross surveyed the room, and immediately clocked some poser who managed a third-rate band talking to a cool dude who managed one of the biggies. Ross took everyone's drink orders, went to the kitchen where Susan had prepared roast chicken, and returned, oiling his way around the room, delivering his drinks. He handed the poser his G & T with a real twist: a chicken claw sticking out of it!

The twit took the glass without even acknowledging Ross, and continued his conversation with the cool guy who was having a hard time keeping a straight face. Susan was peeking around the corner and wet herself laughing so hard as the twit raised his glass to his mouth.....


Yes...the things this poster has seen....


It's one of the best.