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If you know any of these people, or may know how to contact them, please email me, Paul Olsen, by clicking this button....thanks!
They are in no particular order. And if you are not on this list and feel you should be, please don't be offended...I can only remember so much at one time!!!! This list is being added to constantly as I think of more people.
It has already worked, if you scroll down.


I started this page simply to try to find lost friends. It was a crapshoot and I didn't expect very much. But I've been overwhelmed by what has transpired. I received an email from a guy in Australia looking for his father who he had never met. He thought one of the people on this page could be Dad and asked for info about him. I sent him what little I could and we corresponded. While this was going on I unbelievably received an email from "Dad" who I haven't heard from in 25 years...I put them together and they have met!!!! Whatever I want to achieve with this site has been eclipsed by this one event.


Paolo Tofani---FOUND!!! (possibly...I'm waiting to hear)
Italian rock guitarist from Florence...has connections with Davoli in Parma but probably lives in Florence or Rome

Donna Hahner--possibly FOUND!!!
last heard of in LA 1984

Ann ?
Donna's best friend...last known in Lake Arrowhead (well...not IN Lake Arrowhead...)

Peter Albin
former bassist with Big Brother

Dave Frieberg's (of Quicksilver) ex-wife

Ed Scarisbrick
LA artist who has disappeared...last saw him 1991

"Big Mike" Ferrera---FOUND!!!
had a delivery service in SF called Big Mike's Delivery Service, oddly enough...last known to live on Twin Peaks in the late 60's

Rula Lenska
living near Wimbledon...haven't seen her for yonks...close friend

met her during summer tour in Finland with Third World War in 1971

Ray Flacke...FOUND!
guitarist with Ricky Skaggs in Nashville...last contacted 1986

Dusty Ruel---possibly found!
last heard of in Palo Alto in late 60's....

Coral Browning
Australian I knew in London, last known in LA 1980...possibly living in Austin

Carole Tolino
last heard of in San Francisco 1980's

Thomas Postell
great, soulful, funny Detroit keyboard player...toured England with Chairmen of the Board together

Mark Webb
film producer, last heard from in Marina del Rey 1989, and a dear friend. I really want to find him....there are some projects we can work on together

Saul Sprindys
last known near Brisbane, Australia, 1998

Charlotte Caffey
guitarist and founder of the Go-Go's

Shiela Campion
last heard of in New York...Paul Krassner's former asistant

Paul Krassner
creator of The Realist and last heard of in LA as Larry Flynt's replacement editor of Hustler while Larry recuperated from his gunshot wound

David Knights
former bassist with Procol Harum...last seen in Tufnell Park, London 1975

Heiri Schmid---FOUND! In Greece!!
Switzerland's top illustrator and good friend of Giger...last heard of in Dietikon, outside Zurich in 1984, but I know he has since moved further from Zurich...possibly near Winterthur

actress...last known in Hollywood 1980

Suzy Sparks
photographed her in early 1988...glamour model once managed by Don Nivling...Suzy is a real sweetheart

Sue Holbrook
last known in Oakland...used to work for AT&T...high school friend

Jack Itakura
Foothill College friend...last known in Los Altos early 60's

Marilyn Waldron
Foothill College friend last known in Montana or Wyoming

Robert Oswald
friend (and crack shot) from the Marines originally from Wing ND, but last heard of in Virginia or Pennsylvania
in the early 80's

Ray Montes
Marine Corps friend...last seen at Camp Pendleton, July, 1964

Don Yeager
Marine Corps friend and buddy of Ray above, last seen at Pendleton, July, 1964

Terry Vice
Marine friend last seen 1965...went to work with Levi's in SF (maybe he owns it now!)

Ernie Farino--FOUND!
American film director, last known in New Zealand and Australia

Mark (and Leslie) Stetson--FOUND!
American effects director anbd friend from Star Trek, now in New Zealand working on Xena

Russ Carpenter
modelmaker, Placerville, CA...has his own mail-order model railroading business. Worked on Star Trek and Close Encounters with him

Bob Ritter
Former Marine from Helena Montana

Ridley Scott
get hold of me, Ridley...you owe me one for "1492" and you know it. Let's talk

Albert Finney--FOUND!
English actor and friend who has moved, so my info is out-of-date

Diana Quick
English actress, last known in north London

Russell Morris
Australian rocker last heard of in Melbourne--FOUND!!!

Diane Delahunty
last heard of in Melbourne

Trevor Eve--FOUND!!!
English actor and good friend...starred in the series "Shoestring" plus many other things

Sharon Maughan--FOUND!!!
the "Nescafe Girl" in those romantic story ads...used to live in England in the company of Trevor Eve,
but moved to LA in the 80's...she's back in England and she and Trevor are now married!

Brian Holloway---FOUND!!!
great guitarist, wit, and good friend in London, last heard of in Melbourne

Alan Birch
phenomenal guitarist I played with in 1971...we rehearesed in the basement of a scuba gear shop in Baker Street. Last heard of in Gloucester, England, 1973

Marko Frangos
great English bass player and wonderful character who played with Saiichi and me in Blue Water...one of our last gigs together was the Half Moon in Putney in 1997. The most inspirational, enjoyable, kick-ass bass player I have ever played with

Maggie Ryder
English singer/songwriter I met singing with EC who lived in Richmond, England, but moved to New York in 1997

Patty Boyd
living somewhere in England, happily married, I think (I hope!)

Chris Crump--FOUND!
modelmaker I worked with on Star Trek

Leslie and Cookie Ekker--FOUND!
brother and sister I worked with on Star Trek

Connie and Max Morgan
worked with on Star Trek

Doug Trumbull--FOUND!
director and effects wizard...lives in Maine and has VR company back East somewhere, and I think is VP of IMAX

Charlie White
top airbrush artist...last heard of in LA 1988

John Fenton---FOUND!
manager of Third World War....last heard of in Knightsbridge in 1973

Jack McCulloch
Jimmy's brother who ran Track & Fly Records for The Who...last heard of in 1973...office in Old Compton St, W1

Josie Catling
has cottage in Somerset, HAD flat in Bermondsey...lost touch in 1998. Worked at Sterling Brokers

Jim Avery---FOUND!
bass player in Third World War, formerly with Thunderclap Newman...last seen in 1971, London

Terry Stamp----FOUND!
singer, songwriter, guitarist....and inspiration for Third World War...he WAS Third World War...last seen in London 1971
of all things, Terry ("Tel") has been living in LA for the past 25 years! He found me through the trowerpower website and then came to this page. We just met up and had a few beers in a sleazy Hollywood bar on Sunset...December 9, 2000

John Hawken---FOUND!
piano player, ex-Nashville Teens, Renaissance, Third World War, Strawbs...last heard of in New Jersey 1978

Chris Hannant
used to run Doc Hunts Drums in Archer st., Soho London, 1970-1974...and had a wonderful basement flat in Cromwell Road
and last heard of in Wellyn Garden City...last saw him in Barnes in 1974

Steve Hammond---DIED 1989
guitarist-songwriter-arranger...last heard of in Echo Park 1983

Roger Bunn---FOUND!
guitarist/songwriter....used to live in Richmond right by roundabout opposite swimming pool...last seen 1974

Jeanette (I may have her name wrong)
Donovan's ex-wife...last heard of in Topanga 1978...she was at the Silverlake Richie Valens house for a party and left her phone number on my blackboard in the studio room where Richie recorded Donna and La Bamba (though we didn't know that at the time!)

L.A. Johnson
sound engineer...used to work with John Cassavettes and lived next to me on Camrose 1976-78...that's the last I heard of him

Jim Lansing
lived in the Camrose building and was moving around the corner when the building collapsed. Had Jim been in his apartment, he would have been crushed to death. Was in advertising and had a business in Venice. Last heard from in 1979

Tom White
artist and car designer...last heard of LA 1991 when we shared a house and he was going to Art Center...from Detroit, originally

Howard Werth
formerly had the band called Audience...last heard of in Woodford and Stratford, London, 1987....last album I knew of was King Brilliant (great title, huh?)

Ginger Baker & Karen Baker
last saw them in Antelope Valley, 1991...now living in Colorado....Gary Brooker said he saw Ginger on the last Ringo Starr and the All-Stars tour in '98....Ginger stopped by the Denver gig...I hear he's living in South Africa now

Pamela Reizner---ALMOST FOUND!!
lived in Knighsbridge at Albert Gate Court...last seen there for dinner with Christopher Lee...1975? Then also saw her when Darth Vader bought their Citroen-Maserati....1979?

Keith Grant
former owner/producer at Olympic Studios...last saw him in 1979

Mick Jagger
last saw him at Olympic in 1973 with Keith Grant and the rest of the Stones for a mixing session and vocals

Trevor Churchill---FOUND!
head of Rolling Stones Records when they first started...my band was to be their fist signing and we rehearesed at the Stones' studio in Bermondsey Street, which
is now The Stage magazine's HQ

Yuri Toropov---FOUND!
ran a used bookstore on Polk near Broadway in 1965...last saw him in 1969 in the Haight

Ronnie Lyons
formerly Robin Trower's manager in England. Last seen in 1972

Terry Ellis
the "alis" in Chrysalis (Chris Wright and Terry Ellis---ChrisEllis)....I last saw Terry with George Martin at the Chrysalis housewarming on Sunset in 1976...I last heard Terry on "Desert Island Discs" on Radio 4 in 1998...he was in Tortola in the 80's and 90's, but I think is now living in England.

Eric Clapton
Eric....I'd love to do a cover or other art project for you....I know how to contact you, but I'd rather you contact me if you would like me to work on something for you...you can reach me through this site, through GB, Bronzie, or Yuki.
I was sorry to hear about Alfie

Eric Matlen
former publisher of Ron Cobb's stuff...last heard of on Santa Monica Blvd 1981

Henry McCullough
lead guitarist with the Grease Band...last saw him in the 70's...would love to see him again. Charming man

Joe Cocker--FOUND!!!
last saw Joe at the Parrot at my reception in 1979 when he disrupted the proceedings and had everyone in stitches...he gave the standup Best Man a run for his money!

Juanita Franklin
fantastic singer...last saw her in Hampstead in 1974

Julian Charrington
top BBC camerman...last seen at house in Ashington Rd., Fulham in 1987...but understand he has since moved to Chiswick. Worked with Michael Palin on his "Around the World" series

Valerie Singleton
last heard of in 1992...still living in Fulham????

Gary Moore
great guitarist and lovely guy...played on a demo for us and blew everyone away in Fulham at TW studios...last saw him in Notting Hill Gate in summer of 1975 before I moved to Hollywood. We all knew it was only a matter of time before Gary cracked it...and he certainly did

Charlene ?
lived around the corner from Funky Features on Page

Vicki ?
who turned up on the Funky Features doorstep...my model for a year. Last seen late 1969 at 55 Osgood st. apartment in San Francisco

Cathy ?
who used to work at Golden Gate Bank on 6th and Market in 1968

Dr. Tobin
children's dentist in West Portal, SF...last painted Peanuts murals his office in 1969

Dr. Marv Wittlin
optometrist in Fox Plaza...last seen in 1969

John Mayall
last saw John with Jimmy McCulloch after the Wings Over America tour in 1977 (?) during wonderful two day party at his house in Laurel Canyon...he made me a "Torreador"....remember, John? (we also jumped naked off his balcony into his swimming pool holding nothing but hands....ouch!)...remember that, too John??? (John lost a kneecap doing that previously...he clipped the edge of the pool...I KNOW he remembers that one)

Guy Thomas & Ralph Thomas
brothers who lived with us when I was growing up...don't know where they are...Arizona????

Joe Spano
last seen during his Hollywood debut playing Dracula in 1977

Julie Payne
neighbor and actress/comedienne...last seen in 1980

Bob Burns
last saw him in Hollywood (and Mexico City) in 1977...he is somewhere in Australia, probably Sydney

Glenn Shorrock
last saw him in Hollywood at a party for Rene Gaye in 1978...used to sing with the Little River Band and is living somewhere in Australia


Plus any former friends or acquaintances from SF, LA, or London, not listed here who would like to get hold of me, please do.



Graham Bond
one of the biggest---in every sense of the word---most loving and magical, engaging and talented (and totally over-the-top) people I have ever known...I have only met one person in my whole life who eclipsed him, and I fell in love with her instantly

Mae West
charming, smart, witty and gracious...certainly one of the greatest women of the 20th century...in whose memory my book, The Book of Love, is dedicated. When I was introduced to her shortly before her death, she smiled and cooed, "Well...hul-low!"
while George Raft stood in the background, twinkling. What a woman Mae was...the whole world owes her so very much

Eric Clapton's long-time bodyguard ("minder" in England) who was the sweetest man. Alfie never forgot
a face and was always the perfect gentleman, though he could easily break anyone in half or crush your hand
in his while smiling and shaking your hand, if need be. The man had style and grace and a huge personality.
The English music scene is really lessened without him. So long, Alfie, I'll never forget you

Jimmy McCulloch
a pixie...such a talented and likeable person...always thoughtful and always fun to be with. A great guitarist

Tom Cranham
one of my dearest friends who was known in Hollywood as "The Dork"...a real sweetie and a great artist. You will see his name as "illustrator" in the rollups of all the great films...from Towering Inferno and Jurassic Park, to Ghost

Lou Reizner
self-effacing, kind, and enthusiastic...his magnificent casa was your casa, too. He was also married to the most beautiful and charming woman in England. ALL of Lou's male friends agreed on that one!

competent, thoughtful, protective of "his" boys...a great road manager who could finesse anything anywhere in Europe...
lost at sea in the Med. I can still hear his fluid voice any time I think of him...and he always pops up on the Hendrix specials, which always gives me a jolt (he was Hendrix's road manager before he was ours)

Barney Bubbles
ethereal and seminal English artist to the music biz in the 60's and early 70's in London. A charming, selfless, and sweet man with more innate talent than most famous artists today. Thanks for everything, Barney, for inviting me to stay with you, and for making my intial move to England so smooth and so rewarding. It was a wonderful time to live in England...still very much post-war and just before it became all modern like everywhere else in the west

Bob Fried
a very talented artist who I always enjoyed seeing...he had his feet on the ground an his imagination firmly in the eastern clouds

Jimmy Dewar
lead singer with Robin Trower...one of the 4 great rock voices of the 20th century and a feisty, charming Glaswegian
(aren't they all???)...we had a great time on tour in the late 70's

Bob Knickerbocker
college friend who pointed me in the right direction....part of Kesey's Merry pranksters group in the early days and one of the charter members of the Haight-Ashbury. Married to the incredible:

Jane Dornacker
totally stunning, tall comedienne who wrote, sang, and performed "Don't Touch Me There" with the Tubes....she was the funniest woman I have ever seen...who lost her life on the air doing alternative traffic in New York when her chopper went down for the second time....she and Bob both very dear friends

B.J. Wilson
aaaahhh....BJ.....just listen to his drumming on the Procol albums...and on Joe Cocker's classic "With A Little Help From My Friends"...a smiling, endearing and friendly man who played like a drunk falling down stairs in perfect time

Bill Boromeo
father of my dear friend Ron in Australia...Bill never forgot a Christmas and sent me an Australian Views calendar every year in hopes it would one day spur me to make it down under to see him, his son, and all my mad Aussie rocker friends....I'm sorry I never did while he was alive

Al "Jazzbo" Collins
great friend and wonderful DJ who I met at KSFO in San Francisco and who gave me his last copy of "The Hip Little Red Riding Hood" he recorded with Steve Allen in 1953...Al was the warmest, most engaging man who took me into his inner sanctum....in the purpliest of Purple Grottos....I had so many memorable times with him and his lovely wife, Patty

Miles Donis
dear Miles...a sympatico writer with whom I clicked immediately...cut down in his prime by a speeding car at the Hollywood Bowl. I always enjoyed his company which was witty and thought-provoking. We were on the way to becoming very close friends. One of his books bore one of the all-time great, memorable titles: "Cloud 8"

Ian Stewart
such an open and friendly person...the last man on earth you would think was a Rolling Stone. He had a big heart which in the end killed him. The last time I saw him was at a west-end theatre when he spotted me and came up to say hello and introduce me to his wife

Bobby Vidal
loving father and endlessly charming and delightful man who worked impossibly hard at providing for his family during the war and the hard times that followed in a marginal business. I spent many sozzled Cotswold evenings in the Lygon Arms in Chipping Campden with Ivor (the landlord) and Bobby regaling any and all who would care to listen. An utterly good man down to his socks. Everyone loved Bobby, including me

Seamas Stewart
there are no words to adequately describe Seamas....your quintessential, larger-than-life, charming and learned Scottish eccentric with a booming voice who ran a used bookstore in Chipping Campden, and who possessed an abiding passion for Robert Burns. Beloved by the whole village and sorely missed. I am lucky to have a collection of wonderful, antique books acquired from him over the years. I sometimes had to twist his arm to accept money for his books...and he always managed to throw in a little gift to ease his conscience for "taking" my money

Oliver "Ollie" Reed
one of the kindest, big-hearted, most generous people I have ever met....to a fault. We shared a VERY interesting coincidence together in Wimbledon in 1968---read the "bio" section for details. I last saw him with Chris Lee at a party in Hollywood in 1977 with a very funny story attached to it. I am so happy to see his powerful Swan Song in Ridley Scott's wonderful movie, "Gladiator." He deserved the Oscar for Best Supporting Role

Linda McCartney
I met Linda only once, and was prepared not to like her because of the bad press she received in England. She charmed me completely in two seconds and I immediately saw what Paul saw in her. She was something else, truly

Steve Hammond
guitarist, songwriter, arranger....met him in England in the 70's, then quite by chance ran into him in Hollywood in 1976 where we had both moved. Played a gig with him on Melrose where I met Charlotte Caffey who was just putting together the Go-Go's

John White
charming and kind English TV actor best known for his leading role in Emergency Ward 10, and good friend...father of two great kids, Rachel and Daniel...both of whom I would like to hear from


The above people may have passed on, but they live on in my book, The Loop...someday you may want to read about them....they all provide for some great stories---some of which will make you howl, and some of which you will find hard to believe---but all of which will insure their colorful memory will survive for others to appreciate.



my two adorable cat brothers who lived with me above the Hollywood Bowl and in the Richie Valens house and charmed all my houseguests...they had a wonderful life and gave me more than I ever gave them

my Shepherd's Bush Market Special: all the kittens were 5 shillings each...Oddsox was 7 and sixpence. He lived almost twenty years, so I guess he was worth the extra half-crown!

the scariest cat who ever lived...he could make people run from a room squealing in terror by just looking at them

my pal in the 60's

a ferrile Manx who took six months to get close enough to touch, and another six months to touch him

my first cat who kept me warm at night when I left my window open to smell and listen to the crashing Pacific surf at the beach as I fell asleep.

my brother-in-law's chocolate lab who was always up for anything...from an all-out wrestling match on the carpet to a game of water-polo in the lake with no prisoners. He was the dog-version of his "master"...neither of them would ever admit defeat at anything

my neighbor Julie's cat...a very stylish lad was Zooey, who would always come downstairs and say hello on his way out to his haunts

"Orange Cat" O.C. was king of the castle at Mike and Lynnie's...my ex-next door neighbors in Silverlake who took in Raffles when I moved to England. Raffles is buried in their front garden.

Mike and Lynnie's beautiful, wild tabby who never saw her first birthday...died the same week as O.C.