So.....I got my ass to Hollywood!

1870. Texas. Pecos Pete and Black Bart's uneasy friendship is galvanized when Bart's divided loyalties land him in a war between the local Indians and the townsfolk of Equality, masterminded by the dastardly robber baron, Harlan McAllister, who secretely discovers riches on Indian land. The greedy McAllister is unexpectedly thwarted by Bart---the son of McAllister's mysteriously murdered ex-partner---who, with his slightly slip-shod friend, Pecos Pete, takes on the mighty McAllister and the Great Eastern Railroad in a monumental struggle that sees the townspeople and Indians pull together against the common enemy....learning a powerful lesson in the bargain.

This humorous "comic book" film has a feel that is a cross between "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" and will be easy and inexpensive to produce. P & B is a star-maker (Pecos, Bart, Rosie, Kate, Bea, Fallen Leaf) that is character-rich with meaty parts, and written with several sequels in mind in that at the end of the film several possibilities of character development and interaction are left open. There is much more that can happen. This will be one of those rare film projects where the sequels will be every bit as good as the original because of the strength of the characters and the structure of the story. The public loves the characters of Pecos, Bart, Rosie, and Kate...they are PROVEN. There are several fresh concepts and twists, cute back-handed humor, and plenty of inside gags that run throughout this movie.

This film is right up Clint's alley........he could really make it zing (are you listening, Clint???).

The film and sequels will also be self-financing as we can license Pecos Pete's Steak Flakes all over the world (I own the rights) there are myriad unique licensing opportunities with Levis (as Pecos unconsciously "invents" the riveted trouser old Levi makes for him), Victoria's Secret or similar lingerie company with Rosie LaBelle underwear, plus toys, other garments, games, and general merchandise. The characters are that strong.

I've had a reading of the script by a top acting school, and it flows perfectly (they all want to be in it!).


Bob Hite, Jr. has just contacted me and has offered to do the voice-over opening in the style of his father!


ProtectRite registration # R692-4414



Cross-talk reception-hiss of an early AM radio broadcast being tuned in fades up, accompanied with suitable period FANFARE. BOB HITE Jr. imitates the melodramatic style of his father's famous Lone Ranger radio show opening.

(40's broadcast fidelity)
And now...let us take you back to those thrilling days of the old west brimming with breathless adventure, danger, and excitement...where the law was written at the point of a loaded gun...and where men were men...and women were women.

FANFARE surges, then slowly fades to silence.



(booming stereo full-blown presence)
Ladies and gentlemen! Through the magic of the silver screen we are proud to bring you...the long-awaited ADVENTURES OF PECOS PETE AND BLACK BART!

THEME FANFARE. THE ADVENTURES OF PECOS PETE & BLACK BART splashes across the sky above a silhouetted HORSEMAN who rides hell-for-leather along the crest of a ridge. His duster luffs FURIOUSLY in the breeze.

From above, the SHIMMER of the horse's sweat plays over its teeming muscles while the JINGLING LIVERY beats out the rhythm of the snorting, charcoal beast as the Black Rider urges his steed onwards.

The galloping ghostly wraith gradually pulls away, receding... receding...until all is quiet.


A young teen-age girl sits on the riverbank and baits a hook for a 6 year-old boy next to her. This is BEA and BART.

(holds baited hook)
There you go, Bart. Now let's catch us some dinner!

Bart smiles at Bea and clumsily flings his line into the river as Bea baits her own hook and skillfully casts into the deep. They sit peacefully in the sunlight tending their poles as pearlescent dragonflies flit across the burbling stream.

Bart gets a strike.

Bea! What do I do!!??

Just hang on Bart! Pull him in nice and easy.

Bea reaches over to help steady Bart's grip as they stand and backstep up the riverbank while the fish breaks water and thrashes about. Bart is thrilled and scared at the same time, but Bea is completely at ease as she helps him land his catch. Bart stares in disbelief at the dying fish as Bea expertly unhooks it and hands it to him ceremoniously.

Congratulations, Bart! Your first fish!

Bart beams proudly. He is in utter awe of Bea.

I think you got the makin's of a right angler, Bart. Let's see what you can catch this time.

Bea puts the fish in a sack and baits Bart's hook again. She flashes Bart an encouraging smile and pats him on the rear. Full of confidence, he casts his line well out into the river and settles down to the very serious business at hand.


Bea and Bart approach the house, fishing poles over their shoulders, a wet sack full of fish between them.

Thank you for a wonderful day, Auntie Bea!

You're welcome, Bart. We'll have to go fishing again, Okay?

As they near the front door, two GUNSHOTS are heard from inside the house. Bea quickly pulls Bart to the side of the building to hide, while she covers his mouth.

WHAT THEY SEE. A shadowed man runs from the house and mounts his horse. There is a glint from a golden object he tucks in his coat. He looks behind him as he quickly rides off. Bart tries to scream as Bea cups her hand over his mouth.

Shhh! Stay here, I'll be right back.

Bea tiptoes to the front door, looks to see Bart hasn't moved, puts her fingers to her lips then steps in. There is a shriek from inside the house. The frightened Bart cautiously peeks in the window as his eyes widen in terror. Bea races out of the house and grabs him.

Bart! Quick! We have to get out of here!

They streak away into the night.

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A folding promo piece we used to get the television show.

© copyright 2004 Paul Olsen

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