14" x 20" 1967


In terms of pretty, this stunning poster by Bob Fried just may be the prettiest. I love the colors, I love the design, I love the execution. This vies for Bob's finest poster. It's a perfect piece of artwork.

The "N" Judah streetcar jinks down the 1300 block of ninth ave, and I used to love going down this one block of shops as I went into town when I was a kid. I remember a pizza parlour on the corner of ninth and Irving where the pizza chef would toss the spinning dough high into the air in the corner window. He was a real showman and had the drill down pat. Ninth street today still buzzes with hip shops and cafes, and is quite the little boheminan center.


This lovely example of poster art has staple holes in the corners, but is otherwise in perfect condition.