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The Book of Love is TWO books in one, with two front covers, married upside-down and backwards to each other, meeting in the middle. Sound familiar? The Book of Love explains why we act the way we do (especially with the opposite sex), offers new explanations for sexual behavior, is saucy and serious, and is spiced with humorous quotes that pepper and complement the material in the book. The Book of Love also packs a life-changing punch that will put you on the High Road to life...where unlimited success and personal power can be yours for the taking. But it's NOT a namby-pamby psychological bunch of mumbo-jumbo nonsense. The Book of Love is a powerful, funny read that will have you up all night turning pages. I've dedicated the book to my two great heroes of the 20th century: Muhammad Ali and Mae West....so that should give you some idea of where I'm coming from. The Book of Love will show you how to become successful and true to your inner nature and, most importantly, how attract that perfect someone: your true soulmate.

You are gonna like this book!

Kellie, the most natural, easy-to-photograph model I have ever worked with...and this was the first time she had ever posed for anyone.
An enthusiastic girl and total delight to photograph....she lights up for the camera exactly as Marilyn Monroe used to do.
I met her on an airplane while she was dressed down and had on no makeup. But there was "something" about her that hooked me
and proved true in spades, as these photos of her prove.




How to find that perfect someone

Life is like a magician's illusion: we are fooled into thinking it is complex and incomprehensible, when in fact something much more simple and elegant is taking place

We all want to meet that special person, fall in love, and live happily ever after......an enticing pursuit that endlessly fascinates---and frustrates---us. Instead, we drive ourselves nuts getting tangled up in a battle of the sexes, falling prey to incessant wrangles, misunderstandings, and heartbreak with our lovers. It's a hair-pulling, gut-wrenching, emotional taffy-pull, and a seemingly impossible hurdle to jump cleanly. We've all been through it; yet amazingly, until now there hasn't been a single book out there that shows us how to meet that perfect someone and bring them into our lives.....when that's what we're all chasing our tails looking for!

Why is this ideal state-of-being so damned difficult to attain when it's what we all want?
Two reasons: 1) we don't understand each other (or ourselves), and 2) we are too busy looking down rather than up.


1. Any understanding of the opposite sex (and ourselves) first of all requires a knowledge of our history as a species and how our respective sexual roles developed in order to survive and prosper. This has taken us down separate, but complementary paths of sexual evolution. All male and female behavior reflects this natural divergence, which causes the Great Misunderstanding between men and women.

2. Life is an illusion. It appears to be one thing, when it's really something else. We get peripheral glimpses here and there of the true mechanics of life in the oblique form of coincidence, luck, premonition, deja vu, serendipity, etc., but we are unable to comprehend any order from which they flow, and we certainly can't count on them---we seem to be at the mercy of these ethereal forces---so we concentrate on the hard stuff we can see. These 'ethereal' forces are actually quite solid, predictable, and powerful beyond imagination, and can be harnessed to our everlasting advantage. They are as clear as glass and we are mostly unaware of them until we bump into them and hurt ourselves.

The Book of Love sneaks into this subject of endless fascination to us all by explaining how and why the real differences between men and women developed; why those differences cause continual male-female misalignment; and how to work with, and understand, those differences in order to be successful with the opposite sex. All easy reading, leading you inexorably to the focus of the book: how to find true love with that perfect person---something all unattached people are seeking (and even many attached ones!). It packs a camouflaged, life-changing punch in the bargain: the basic principles that will bring you true love will also enable you to control your destiny and achieve success in anything you do. The mechanics of love are the mechanics of life.....they are one-in-the-same, and they work. Once you 'get it,' you get the Whole Enchilada, everything.

Is it really possible to beat the odds and find true love?
You bet it is! And like that illusion, it's dead easy once you learn the trick....



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