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('haven't done the artwork for the cover yet, but it will be the Light My Fire image of Sam and Jan embracing, with Rick Griffin style should look pretty good)

Being written at the moment...the great title suggested by the quick-witted Gary Brooker after reading The Book of Love. My dad grew up in the Haight-Ashbury, so it was part of my childhood as he told me stories of this wonderful, friendly, and tight-knit neighborhood, reminiscent of neighborhoods in New York City. This is the story of the Funky Features boys (see bio) and will be turned into a screenplay as soon as the book is completed. This book will tell it how it REALLY was....and it really was something else...a total kick in the pants and a real romp to read. It was a great moment in history, and much more than everyone has so far said it was. For the very first time you'll get an idea of what it really was like to be there and live there, and have your life change the best possible way. And have fun doing it!

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