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You are going to LOVE Dormouse! Everyone loves him. Franky, Gary Brooker's wife, REALLLY loves him! All my friends who know about him want one as soon as they are produced. He is an ideal toy, and also an ideal wedding present, birthday present, Christmas present...well, you get the idea. I can't go into details here, but when Dormouse comes out, every home will want one. This toy (and there are books and an animated series to go with him, plus a line of greeting cards) will be as popular and as long-lived as Monopoly. The head of development at Hasbro said, "Paul...if you can find a way to get Dormouse produced, you will have another Monopoly (which they own) on your hands...and then we'll pay you stupid amounts of money to acquire it!"

So why don't Hasbro want it now if they think it will be so successful?

Because they are not set up to market such a broad-appeal toy!

Let me explain: Dormouse will appeal to girls and boys of ALL will also appeal to ADULTS of all ages! Toy companies and their highly specialized marketing departments are set up to market girls' toys and games, boys' toys and games, and those categories are even sub-divided into action toys, dolls, etc. A universal toy flummoxes them...they are simply not set up to do it. If you are a toy company organized so you are not so bound by these restrictions and would like more information, please contact me and we will set up a meeting and presentation protected by a Confidentiality Agreement. Dormouse will make us all rich, and bring happiness to millions.

This little character has been around!
(but who's that big weirdo tickling him?)


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