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Einstein never found his Unified Field Theory (it was hiding right in front of him behind the nearest tree). This book explains how the Whole Thing Works....well, all right....how It Might Work. "Enchilada" combines The Loop with the other mechanics of Existence to draw a picture of the structure of existence and what part we play in The Whole Enchilada. I haven't yet received or organized all the knowledge I will need to complete the book, but it is coming in bursts from month to month....that's how I write...in a sort of trance. I write like mad, then have to go back and look at what I've written, because I haven't a clue. As the information comes in, I knock out a chunk of it and put it aside. I know I'm getting Pure Stuff from Out There and I can feel the whole of the book buzzing around my head getting ready to settle. I've completed the first 10% of it and the rest of it is jelling. This book will give Stephen Hawkings a run for his money. He can't see the forest for the trees, either. (Sorry Stephen, but I've got serious reservations about the Big Bang, which I know you champion).

This is a weighty and serious book defining one possible, cohesive view on how everything works and fits together, and is a natural progression of The Loop and The Book of Love. It's "my" Unified Field Theory, if you will. Just being started, this puppy will take quite some time to write. Like years and years.

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