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"The Loop" is a new theory that explains why things happen the way they do. I was driven to write a memoir as a result of constant comments from friends saying my life was like a movie and I should write it all down. I was in the trees while doing it. When I finished the book, I could see the forest for the first time and realized that the reason I wrote the book in the first place was to develop the circular theory of The Loop! The Loop created itself. I was trying to come up with a credible explanation of love-at-first sight when, in a state of raw inspiration, the theory tumbled onto the keyboard of my computer. Here it is, as simple as E=MC2 :

"Everything Lives." This leads to The Loop: your present influences your future which influences your present.

Like Einstein's Theory of Relativity (which is now getting some black holes punched in it), my two-word theory may not make immediate sense, but The Loop has many profound consequences. Coincidence after coincidence. By seeing The Loop in my life, the reader will recognize The Loop operating in their lives as well. It's right alongside you like an invisible friend all through your life but you never see it until someone points it out to you. Once that recognition is made, The Loop afterburners kick in and it becomes an integral part of your existence, changing your whole perception of life and where your life takes you and how it gets you there, and how you can learn to control it and make it work for you, bringing charm and magic into your existence.

This book would be suitable for anyone seeking answers to the mysteries and questions in life and also for anyone interested in the San Francisco 60's thing, rock 'n roll, and the film business. The Loop is peppered with well-known personalities, but is not a kiss-and-tell. I would think anyone who enjoyed the "Moon's a Balloon" and "A Brief History of Time" will enjoy The Loop.



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